World no. 1 Tennis player Serena Williams has retired from the tennis world. She is also known as "Serena Slam".

40-year-old Serena Williams told the media after retiring, "I am ready to become a mother and explore a different version of Serena."

Serena Williams is a tennis player of American origin. She was born in Michigan. He played the first professional tennis tournament in 1996.

Serena has won the Olympic medal four times so far, apart from this 23 times singles, 14 times women's double, 2 times mixed i.e. a total of 39 majors i.e. Grand Slam titles.

Serena won the Australian Open in 2017, when she was eight weeks pregnant.

The list of victories of Serena Williams is even longer, she has won titles like Australian Open, French Open, US Open and Wimbledon.

Serena won her first "Grand Slam title" at the age of 17 and also holds the record for being the first woman in the world to win the oldest Grand Slam title at the age of 35.

In her career, she won 23 singles Grand Slam titles and remained the world's No. 1 tennis player for a long time.

Serena Williams, also known as "Serena Slam", had four major titles at the same time.